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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Club Discussion Questions for Miss Hargreaves

Norman had had an encounter with his imagination at a young age, at which time his father ominously warned him, “Always be careful, my boy, what you make up. Life’s more full of things made up on the Spur of the Moment than most people realize. Beware of the Spur of the Moment. It may turn and rend you.” Think about a time that your own story has taken a turn because of a “Spur of the Moment” decision. Were the results what you expected? Were there unintended consequences?

How does Miss Hargreaves change when Norman “loses control” of her? How do you think this happens? What do you think could happen if Norman doesn’t regain control?

Near the end of the book, Miss Hargreaves says, “I am not as other people . ( . . .) For a little while . . . I broke into a life which I was never intended to lead.” What implications does this concept have for any mortal?

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