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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination, by Hugh MacLeod

Evil Plans is a delicious little book of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Illustrated with MacLeod's cartoons, the book seeks to inspire those who feel they're on "the hamster wheel" as MacLeod describes it, and don't like working for others anymore.  They need an "evil plan"--something so simple yet so rich with potential that in the right hands, it cannot fail.  But you're not ready for your "evil plan" until you have what MacLeod calls the "Moment."  That's "when we stop futzing around and actually start behaving like proper adults," according to MacLeod.  "That moment we actually start acting like officers in command of our own lives." 

MacLeod's theory includes the belief that it's important to connect with buyers on a different, more human, level.  He writes, "It's no longer enough for people to believe that your product does what it says on the label.  They want to believe in you and what you do."  MacLeod reiterates this philosophy several times in the book.  "It is your soul, and the purpose and beliefs that your soul embodies, that people will buy into."  If you're making a product or providing a service and don't feel inspired after reading MacLeod's theories, then you may not be cut out for building your own business. 

The book is a fast and easy read, and the cartoons are enjoyable and artfully drawn with bits of pithy advice or observations. MacLeod's modus operandi for success is clear:  hard work, long hours, multiple means to success, and few luxury needs. He describes being involved in multiple endeavors at once, all the while cartooning and working his connections in the art community. 

A word of caution for eReader users:  the lettering on some of the cartoons is light and small, so they can be difficult to read.  On some eReaders, only the font size (and not embedded pictures) can be enlarged, so efforts to change the size of the text don't affect the cartoon lettering.  This might be a book best purchased to read on paper if your eReader can't adjust the size of pictures. 

Evil Plans was published in 2011 by Portfolio Hardcover.  MacLeod is also the author of Ignore Everybody:  And 39 Other Keys to CreativityMacLeod's blog is, where you can subscribe to receive a daily cartoon. 

Cover photo from the author's website:

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